Kampong Bharu was developed over 113 years ago, situated in Section 41, Kuala Lumpur City with total area of 307.34 acres (124.37 hectares).

The sub-categories of land are as follows:

  1. The M.A.S (Malay Agriculture Settlement) of 222.76 acres (89.70 hectares) consists of 7 tradition village gazetted on January 11, 1964. It is a freehold conferred land with restriction in interest. The Restriction in Interest clearly stated that the land shall not be sold and/or occupied by the Non-Malays.
  2. The Market reserved land of Jalan Raja Bot of 44.3 acres (16.3 hectares) was the first land been developed since 1955; and
  3. The area outside of M.A.S of 40.29 acres owned by DBKL and PKNS (18.8 hectares), freehold and without restriction in interest.