‘Best deal offered to Kg Baru landowners’

PUTRAJAYA: The government is confident that property owners in Kampung Baru will take up its offer of RM1,000 per sq ft, as this is the highest amount offered for Malay reserve land anywhere, says Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad.

“The RM1,000 per sq ft offer is equivalent to RM43.5mil per acre, ” he told reporters here yesterday.

The offer comprises RM850 per sq ft to be reflected in the choice made by individual property owners – among the choices offered to them are cash, a completed apartment or condominium unit (to be constructed as part of the government’s redevelopment plans for the area), and a combination of cash and a completed unit.

The remaining RM150 per sq ft will be provided in the form of shares in a company which will serve as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) in connection with the redevelopment project.

To date, Kampung Baru Development Corporation (PKB) has approached 1,716 out of 5,359 owners and 93.7% of them had agreed to the offer.

A total of 6.2% disagreed with the offer while the remaining owners did not give a clear decision.

PKB will reach out to the rest of the 3,643 owners in 20-people groups per session, with three sessions per day.

Khalid believes that Kampung Baru landowners would agree to the latest offer by the government if they understood why it was established in the first place.

“Kampung Baru was created to ensure the Malays were not displaced out of the capital and have an enclave which is protected.

“But being protected does not mean that it should not be developed and it should be developed as much as the rest of Kuala Lumpur.

“They should not look upon it as their personal properties because that was not the reason why it was given to them, but with the intention of developing it so that they can profit from it.

“If they think about the original objective (of why Kampung Baru was created), I am sure they would understand and they should agree to the original proposal (made by the government), ” he said.

“As far as I know, there is no Malay reserve land that is worth this much.

“Landowners should also fulfil their responsibility in developing Kampung Baru, ” he said.

Sumber: The Star Online