Every year, the Jamek Mosque in Kampung Baru becomes an attraction for many city dwellers during Ramadan because of its desirable bubur (porridge) lambuk.

The dish which is synonym with Kampung Baru is distributed free of charge every day after Asar prayer during the fasting month. Thousands of people crowded outside the mosque to get a packet of bubur lambuk to break the fast.

Sometimes the lines of bubur lambuk can encircle the whole perimetre of the mosque.

Bubur lambuk of Kampung Bharu is made by simmering rice with water for several hours along with spices and meat. This dish is perfect as a break fast meal because it is nutritious, easy to digest and palatable.

The activity of cooking bubur lambuk will only be stopped one day before Aidilfitri. This is because all the kitchen equipment like pots and pans must be cleaned before the arrival of this festive day.

Every evening during Ramadan, people will be crowded at Jamek Mosque, Kampung Baru to get this bubur lambuk. This bubur lambuk tradition has been practised for more than half a century, and its popularity increase each year.

The Kampung Baru bubur lambuk tradition will last forever and will survive the wave of modernisation. Hopefully the future generation will also have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate this tradition because it is not only interesting but also is a part of the unique history of the city of Kuala Lumpur.