City folks throng Chow Kit market on eve of Ramadan

KUALA LUMPUR: The hustle and bustle in Chow Kit market has increased a notch as city dwellers come to get food supplies, in preparation for Ramadan, which starts tomorrow.

Checks at the market showed visitors had begun filling in since early morning, to buy fresh supplies at reasonable price.

Civil servant Mohd Fathir Ramli, 34, said the Chow Kit market was his top choice for raw food supplies because they are fresh and plenty to choose from.

According to him, although he had to brave the big crowd, it was worth the while as items like fish, chicken and vegetables are sold at prices that are regulated by the authorities.

“I hope traders will not hike the prices to take advantage of the increase in demand during the Ramadan month, because it will burden consumers,” he added.

“The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry should also go to the ground to monitor the prices, and take action against errant traders who try to take advantage of the situation, ” he said when met today.

Meanwhile, trader Airul Azlan Sidi, 42, said his sale of fresh chicken rose to 700 kilograms (kg) today, due to an increase in demand, one day before Ramadan.

He said processed chickens (ayam bersih) were sold at RM7.50 a kilogramme and the price was not expected to increase as there is enough supply well into the Aidilfitri celebrations.

“The supply of live chicken from Penang and Melaka is expected to be sufficient to meet consumer demand throughout Ramadan and Aidilfitri. Prices are also expected to stabilise during the period, “he added.

Besides chicken, the demand for vegetables such as turmeric leaf and kaffir lime (limau purut) also increases especially from customers who operate at Ramadan bazaars tomorrow.

Trader Mohd Saiful Abu Sani, 40, said vegetable supply from Kuala Selangor and Kuala Langat are expected to be able to meet customer demand.

“Despite the rise in demand, supply is still sufficient. Suppliers have also been urged to maintain the prices, “he added.

Sumber: New Straits Times