Within the framework of bringing Kampong Bharu to develop along with the development of the golden triangle, it is such a complex initiative. Major issues related to the development of Kampong Bharu are as follows:

Kampong Bharu experience a decrease in population since 1991 where the total population in 1991 was 20,215 compared with 2000 with 15,718 people. It is estimated that the total population will reach 17,000 in 2010.

Comparison between 2010 and 1991 showed that there was a decrease of 16% within that period.

Apart from that, there was an issue of a high number of non-citizen population which was about 2,670 people in 2000.

An ‘adhoc’ land development has caused Kampong Bharu to look like the ‘back yard / “stressed built environment” of the surrounding development due to its crowded environment.

Furthermore, the absence of a clear distance between residential buildings, built close to each other creates an unpleasant environment.

Majority of the ownership of land is private ownership. A total of 1381 lots were recorded by the Office of the Director of Lands and Mines, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

The number of landowners is 4,300 and the average ownership (31%) belongs to 5 owners for one lot with 143 people as the highest number of ownership per lot.

This shows that the land ownership in Kampong Bharu is multiple ownership.

Small/narrow lots make it difficult for high intensity development. This encourages small-scale development and less optimal return to landlord/building owner.

It is estimated that 89% of the lots in Kampong Bharu have less than 1100 sqm (11840 sq ft) of area.

No direct link to KLCC either by road or walkway and the shortcoming in optimising the potentials available in the vicinity has caused Kampong Bharu to get minimal impact in terms of fulfillment of urban activities, accessibility and greenery chains.

The problem of flash flood in several locations like Kampong Periok, Dang Wangi and Sultan Sulaiman is caused by imperfect existing drainage and irrigation infrastructure.