Kuala Lumpur: Kampung Baru must embrace the development and progress that is taking place all around it, but without shedding the Islamic as well as Malay spirit and identity which have made their homes in the over 100-year-old urban village.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said this during the launch of Residensi Rah here today.

“When we are surrounded by development and skyscrapers, will (Kampung Baru) be left behind if (it does) not make an effort to develop (itself)?” he said.

Zahid said the government has made several amendments to rules, regulations and acts to ensure that Kampung Baru landowners’ rights are safeguarded to encourage development in the area.

He further advised residents of the village not to hold on to or be overly nostalgic about glories of the past.

“The old must love the new and the new must respect the old. This should be the spirit of Kampung Baru’s development,” he said.

Zahid said he hopes that the settlement’s residents and other parties will support developers so that Kampung Baru’s face matches the developments in its surrounding areas.

On another matter, Zahid said that it is important to determine whether the slew of mosques currently sprouting in Kampung Baru is functional, and if they are being used to spread knowledge that is in keeping with the Islamic spirit.

“We don’t just want physical development with many people coming to these mosques. How about the content and meaning of these institutions?” he said after the Residensi Rah launch.

Construction of the condominium in Kampung Baru, which began mid last year, is expected to be completed in May 2019.

It involves a land area of 3,310 sq meters and was built at a cost of RM145 million, which includes the RM25 million cost for land acquisition.

Sumber: New Straits Times