KUALA LUMPUR: An interest group in Kampung Baru will seek an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to present a pilot redevelopment project in the enclave.

Pertubuhan Pemilik Tanah dan Waris Kampung Baru (Pewaris) secretary Zainudin Ismail said a key part of the proposal involved the raising of funds for the redevelopment via wakaf.

Wakaf is a voluntary charitable endowment in the form of cash, property or land for syariah-compliant causes.

Zainudin said they met with the Federal Territory mufti office yesterday and briefed it about the plan.

“We will meet with the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council next Friday to discuss the matter further before seeking an audience with the King. Only then would Pewaris submit the pilot proposal to the Prime Minister, ” he said.

Zainudin said Pewaris had appointed Pertubuhan Profesional Tanah Malaysia (Pertama) as consultant for the redevelopment as it was considered an expert on wakaf.

On Feb 2, The Star reported about Pewaris’ plan to raise RM500mil via wakaf within 12 months to kick-start the development of a 40-storey high-rise condominium.

This project would take place on 13 parcels of land which would be consolidated. Each completed unit would measure 1,300sq ft and be priced at RM600,000.

However, Malay Agricultural Settlement (MAS) honorary secretary Shamsuri Suradi when contacted, was critical of Pewaris’ plan.

“Pewaris is just an NGO with no track record or proven experience to undertake a development project.

“Unlike a registered company for business, it is not supposed to be involved in business and property development, ” he said, while questioning if Pewaris had secured agreement from the owners of the 13 land parcels.

Shamsuri said MAS had sent a letter to Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa on March 12, asking for a meeting to discuss the redevelopment issue.

MAS was set up in the early 1900s to oversee the administration of Kampung Baru.

On Sept 21 last year, former minister Khalid Abdul Samad announced the government’s plan to redevelop the 120-year-old Malay enclave.

The landowners were offered RM850psf as compensation for their land.

On Oct 25, the offer was revised to RM1,000psf, of which RM150 would be in the form of shares in a special purpose vehicle that would be set up.

Landowners who opt to buy a completed unit in the redeveloped area will also get a 15% discount.

Sumber: The Star