Berzanji and marhaban become a Malay heritage and traditional custom that can not be separated from the Islamic and Malay cultural and customary ceremonies.

The berzanji and marhaban book contains expressions derived from the Arab poetry and simply describing the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, his ancestry, his noble qualities to the history of his life and his missionary teachings. The book is arranged in poetic form in which the arrangement is so beautiful and really attracts the reader and those who hear it.

According to history resources, these books were written by Sheikh Jaafar bin Masri. He was a scholar from Egypt who was also a qadi and an expert in Arabic Language and literature. He was a Khatib  (preacher) in Masjid an-Nabawi (Mosque of the Prophet) in Madinah. He was born in 1690 AD and died in 1789 A.D.