This guideline provide the order and procedure of management and development of property to be observed within the area of operation in accordance with the provision of Section 2 of Kampong Bharu Development Corporation Act 2011 [Act 733].

This guideline is also the main reference to facilitate landowners and inheritors and other stakeholders in the property development of Kampong Bharu.

Rationale of Guideline

The total registered land ownership on M.A.S Land belongs to 4300 landowners. Thirty-one percent (31%) or 428 lots are owned by more than 5 registered landowners. Eighty-nine percent (89%) own their respective lot of less than 1100 square meters (11,480 square feet).

The multiple ownership structure and small in size is less economic to be commercially developed in a large scale. By this rational thus the development of property in Kampong Bharu need to be done in a strategic and comprehensive manner.

Scope of Guideline

This guideline covers 4 main processes as follows:

  1. Planning;
  2. Implementation of Development;
  3. Coordination and Monitoring; and
  4. Assessment and Documentation