Enhancing growth by encouraging innovative solutions in the planning of land development.

  • The pivot and values of Malays
  • 1 God (Tawhid), 5 Pillars of Islam, 6 Pillars of Iman (Faith)
  • 1 integrated Master Plan with the tallest tower of 5 sub-complexes/turrets
  • 6 cores zonal development
  • 7 major roads
  • Theme – “Kampong Bharu The Heritage Friendly City”


Redevelopment of area with catalyst activities.

  • Trade area
  • Public amenities area
  • Greenery area
  • Educational institutions area
  • Hotels, heritage and tourism area
  • Residential area


Preservation of Cultural Values, as well as architecture and heritage based on Muslim-Malay culture.

  • 2.8 acres of Pasar Minggu area (Central Kampong Bharu) to be gazetted
  • Keeping existing roads as much as possible
  • Preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage
  • The use of water as attraction like the ROL (river of life) programme. Water quality improvement and beautification of rivers could generate mind building. At the same time repel unwanted elements and add benefits – maintaining good morale
  • .
  • Potential to restore the river to its original condition – Malay civilization in Kuala Lumpur
  • Issues to be considered – existing highways, applicable innovative ideas – boats/barges can be realised to bring history back to the modern era + leisure and health impacts


Development of infrastructure networks with high connectivity and accessability.

  • 7 major roads and no vehicles in the City at certain times – peak hours, weekends, Kampong Bharu as an example for the whole of KL
  • Public transport needs to be very efficient
  • The population of Kampong Bharu is increasing and congestion is on the rise
  • Attempts need to be done especially for the weekend. Landlords, Police and the Local Authority (PBT) should be referred.
  • Hub for community/recreation centre
  • Comprehensive landscaping to assist pedestrians
  • If walkalator is available – air conditioner is not necessary


Promotion of the best urban design, which is liveable and balanced with nature.

  • The requirement for improvement should be in accordance with the requirement of time and the needs of the people of Kampong Bharu
  • Sustainable and beautiful landscapes as attractions for outsiders and the people in Kampong Bharu
  • Covered walkway – is needed, along with gazebo for resting – pedestrian-friendly ( and environmentally friendly)
  • Lighting at night is necessary to beautify the promenade – hardscape and landscape/softscape
  • Fruit trees on certain roads should be patterned for continuity – beautiful and practical
  • Knowledge about Malay traditional trees and herbs can be industrialised hence able to generate economic growth and also maintain the tradition
  • Economic and education hub
  • Clustering/grouping of areas of similar activities
  • 30 000 sqft of area is needed in order to reach 1:10 ratio in economic development – asissted by PKB
  • Merger is necessary for land development or else case-by-case is still acceptable
  • The number of people per acre should be counted – for overall development


Municipal Development based on green technology.

  • Energy for walkalator and other public utilities will be generated by renewable energy (solar)
  • Satisfy the 6 criteria of Green Development/Building
  • Ikhwan/brotherhood (relationship) is required for green development
  • Knowledge Centre to generate ‘Green Living’ lifestyle


Development of human capital that is sustainable, resilient and competitive in the aspects of economy, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual.